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Delivering Dunamis

Mar 18, 2021

Today, Jennifer Casas joins us on the Delivering Dunamis Podcast.  Jennifer is the founder of a powerful deliverance ministry called A Dignified Deliverance.  She is also the owner of a faith-based apparel business called Garments of Truth.  Jennifer’s story is remarkable.  So remarkable that we could never cover it all in one episode.  In Part 1 of this two-day series, we dive into Jennifer’s backstory. Jennifer grew up attending a non-denominational Pentecostal church.  Her mother was extraordinarily faithful.  Her father however did not have his born-again experience until later life, and in the years prior to that rebirth, Jennifer experienced a high level of abuse in her home.  That early trauma would continue to impact Jennifer in the years that followed, creating a bit of chaos in the relationships that she encountered in her adult life.  By her teenage years, Jennifer had begun creating distance between herself and God.  She got pregnant at 18.  And then, she joined the military.  Her identity was rooted in pride attached to status, education and money.  She developed a real stronghold against the men in her life, including the man who became her husband.  After being arrested for a DUI, Jennifer fell into a depression that ultimately triggered a separation in her marriage.  She moved across the country and soon after got involved in an extremely dangerous, abusive relationship with a narcissist.  In that season, she was also placed under investigation by the military for adultery.  While suffering amidst the despair that was overwhelming her life under the weight of a pending investigation and relentless abuse in her relationship, Jennifer attempted to take her life.  Following that event, she was evaluated and diagnosed with bipolar disorder and a possible personality disorder.  She began a treatment protocol, but the abuse did not stop.  One night, a confrontation occurred in her home that resulted in a crisis situation during which Jennifer accidentally harmed her partner.  She was placed under arrest, facing possible felony charges.  After two years of continued abuse, while awaiting trial, Jennifer experienced another devastating event the night before she was scheduled to go to court.  She was at the end of her rope.  One week later, a wake-up call arrived from the lips of her mother.  And that’s the moment when everything began to turn in God’s favor.