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Delivering Dunamis

Mar 25, 2021

Today’s guest is Brian Sexton.  Brian is a great friend of mine and he is the author of People Buy From People and the Host of the Intentional Encourager Podcast.  Brian is involved with both music and pulpit ministry in his church in Charleston, WV.  He has been blessed with a powerful voice for The Lord.  His message is phenomenal, and his faith is truly on fire.  You are going to love this inside look at the life of a man who commits his time and energy to encouraging others through faith.  Brian reminds listeners that God did not create us to be defeated and that when God gives you a Word, it WILL come to pass.  He shares with us the miracles that he has experienced throughout his life, beginning in his infancy when doctors discovered a hole in his left lung following his birth and the POWER of prayer and The Lord intervened.  As a teenager, Brian reconnected with a minister who was present at his baby dedication many years earlier and he revealed to Brian a beautiful Truth about his life.  The minister, who was known to be gifted in the Spirit shared with Brian that “the Hand of God is on you, and it has always been on you.”  What a beautiful and encouraging declaration.  Yet even with that understanding, Brian tells us that his life has not in any way been completely insulated from adversity.  But Brian recognizes his victor.  He reveals to us the power of prayer and how it enables us to tune in to the Voice of God.  Brian understands that we overcome the enemy through the word of our testimony.  And that is why he goes boldly into his story.  The Lord has led Brian through some vicious storms, including a devastating job loss following a wrongful accusation of sexual harassment.  But throughout the storms, Brian kept the faith.  And the Lord provided for him and his family in miraculous fashion.  When Brian lost his best friend, his father, the Lord comforted Brian.  He provided a loving figure to fill the void that remained, and He gave Brian a dream about his father that impacted his life forever and offered a powerful word acknowledging the receipt of his prayers.  Brian reminds us that we do not need to live in the shadow of death as He joyfully anticipates the moment when he will reunite in song and praise of The Lord with his dad in Heaven.  There is so much brilliant wisdom in this episode.  So much encouragement.  So much love and hope.  Soak it in.  It is truly a blessing.