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Delivering Dunamis

Mar 26, 2021

God’s love is overwhelming.  In today’s episode I speak from the heart about many of the miraculous events that have occurred in my life in recent weeks and I dive into a touching story from my past as well.  These stories leave no doubt that God is always with us.  He cares for us deeply.  He sends His angels to comfort us in seasons of adversity.  He provides for our every need.  And He works through us in our brokenness for the Glory of His Kingdom.  Have you entertained God’s angels in your life?  Have you acknowledged their presence?  Have you ever contemplated that you, too could be an angel in the life of another as a servant for His Kingdom?  Do not hesitate to make God’s Voice…His Perfect Light…His Perfect Love known through you.  You cannot begin to imagine the impact that it may have on someone’s else’s life.  Someone who may perhaps find themselves in need of their own angel today.