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Delivering Dunamis

Apr 29, 2021

In 2011, God called me to write.

He encouraged me to share my story. To seek forgiveness and take responsibility for my life.

When I turned my life over to Him, He spoke to me.

The first words that He shared were "let go..."

In the security of His Love, I began moving unrestrained.

I started sharing my story boldly.

And God began rewarding my obedience.

He started healing me through the writing.

He gave me clarity.

He gave my life purpose.

As I learned how to navigate the pain of the most dark and tragic elements in my life, by the strength of the Holy Spirit I transitioned into the role of teacher, where I could touch the lives of others who were facing similar adversities in their own life.

You don't need to understand HOW God will do it.

You're not supposed to...

God wants you to trust Him with your pain...

In your work life, prayer life and in your servant life.

Give it to Him.

And watch the miracles unfold.