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Delivering Dunamis

Apr 22, 2021

Call me crazy.

I'm good with it.

I'm not trying to fit in.

To be the best version of myself I need to move unrestrained in whatever direction God leads me.

Sometimes that means moving in ways that are in conflict with the masses.

When God takes action through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are often led in a manner that doesn't make sense to the natural mind.

Outsiders may question our motives or our sanity.

But that is of no concern to the believer whose faith is on fire.

Call me crazy, but I'll go wherever He calls.

I don't care if it's unknown, uncomfortable or untested.

I'll simply move in obedience.

And He will provide for my needs as I take action according to His Will.

My next nudge from the Holy Spirit may not make sense to anyone around me...if it's God it shouldn't...His wisdom is beyond human comprehension.

I'll roll the dice with God any day of the doesn't matter the ask.

I'm crazy enough to do it.

Are you?