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Delivering Dunamis

May 13, 2021

Week 1.

Enter the true freshman high school phenom for his first collegiate start at QB.

Surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, he takes the field.

The game moves rapidly.

It's chaotic and at times overwhelming.

The opposition is disguising its schemes and wreaking havoc.

Emotions take over the young signal caller.

Careless decisions are made.

Decisions that lead to grave consequences.

Cue the color analyst..."perhaps the stage was too big for him..."

Perhaps today...

But by midseason, his confidence will soar.

And he'll approach each snap with a new vision and preparedness for success.

He just needs the game to slow down.

And experience helps.

Life in the spirit realm is a lot like this.

The devil loves to create chaos and confusion.

To stir emotions and lead us to poor decisions.

We need to slow the game down so that we can read the threats of the opposition and prepare the most strategic counter punch...

We must draw on the Holy Spirit for clarity...

For It is the key to success in the arena of spiritual warfare.