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Delivering Dunamis

Apr 26, 2021

"I was the queen of sin...and yet God still found me, so I could find God.

Powerful words from today's guest, Shari Lueck who encourages us in the warmth of a loving and patient God.

Shari is the author of My Skeletons Have Names, an Amazon Best Seller released in October 2020. She is also the founder of Shari Lueck Unfiltered & On Fire, a highly successful coaching practice.


Shari reminds us to ground ourselves in God's Will daily. And she shares with us a miraculous encounter with The Lord that led to an out of body-like experience and gave her confirmation in her soul that her path forward would be secure always.

She assures us that if we do the work and have faith, we can live in peace and recognize that all will be OK, regardless of what pops up along the journey.

Shari teaches us to embrace adversity - for the painful moments lead to grit and wisdom that creates a beautiful pearl of a life in the end.