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Delivering Dunamis

Jul 8, 2021

The forecast shows a chance of storms...

Such is life.

There will always be a risk of adverse conditions.

You cannot sit and wait for a string of sunny days or for all the stars to align before you take a step forward...

Your life will waste away in the hesitation.

It's impossible for the human mind to perceive what lies ahead.

That's out of our pay grade.

Only God knows.

And He's not asking for our buy in on the days when we feel safe and secure.

He's asking us to go ALL IN in faith and trust Him even when the road ahead seems uncertain.

He will reward our obedience.

He will be our cover when the storms arrive.

And on the journey He will reveal to us the depth of His love, power and compassion.

But we must first have the courage to trust the Holy Spirit.

Don't sit idle waiting for rain...

Be bold.

Step forward in faith and take hold of the life to which He has called you.

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