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Delivering Dunamis

Jul 1, 2021

"Words do matter."

This was a text that I received from my father a few weeks before his passing.

It arrived on day 8 of his initial 10.5 day stay in the hospital at the front end of March.

My dad was struggling with COVID related pneumonia, but the Holy Spirit was beginning to act in an extremely powerful way in his life.

He was on fire...

Touching the lives of every member of the care team that he encountered...

Blessing them with love, encouragement, wisdom and hope.

God's Voice was being magnified through him.

It was beautiful to witness.

On March 9th, my father shared with me that he had brought a member of the food service staff to tears simply by sharing his appreciation and allowing kindness to flow purely from his heart.

Words matter.

They sure do, Dad.

When we live by the Spirit, we bear Its Fruit, and God's Perfect Words flow freely from our lips without restraint in the very moments when our brothers and sisters need them most.

What a beautiful example you set for us…

Well done, faithful servant.

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