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Delivering Dunamis

Mar 10, 2021

We live in a world that is fallen.  And deception is at every corner.  In this season of darkness, The Truth is our Light.  And Jesus Christ tells us that The Truth will set us free.  Where can we go to find community in The Truth?  The most obvious answer would be the church.  But what happens when the church compromises its principles for the sake of its position in the world?  What happens when the church falls into the bondage of the spirit of fear?  What happens when the pulpit is used to deliver messages rooted simply in what the itching ears wish to hear?  What happens when the church breaks our trust and denies The Truth in its entirety?  If the church refuses to renounce evil, it enables it.  It is time for leaders in ministry to stand up and be counted.  We deserve The Truth.  And if we cannot find it within the walls of our sanctuaries, we will become it.  We are the church.