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Delivering Dunamis

May 18, 2021

Lack is a weapon of the enemy.

It is a distraction.

Lack is divisive, inside and out.

It creates anxiety...

And that anxiety leads to emotional decisions...

Desperate moves that often result in greater captivity.

For the better part of a decade, I lived in that hole.

And I embodied that mindset.

I felt like I was always chasing.

I thought I'd never be free.

Then I encountered Jesus Christ, and everything changed.

I found that my emptiness, my lack, was less a reflection of the debt hole that I had established in my early twenties, and more a reflection of what was missing in my life spiritually.

In Christ I came to know fullness.

And my focus shifted away from lack.

I began to embody a completely new identity.

And, not surprisingly, my circumstances began to improve as well.