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Delivering Dunamis

Mar 29, 2021

Give it to me straight.  Don’t water it down.  No outside influences.  Keep it real.  If you appreciate this level of transparency in your life, particularly as it relates to faith and mental health, you’re going to feel right at home here at the Delivering Dunamis Podcast.  I don’t hold back.  There is no shame in my past.  I am a new creation.  I am alive in Christ and I go boldly wherever He leads.  The Lord is my only Judge.  I do not need to run my content by anyone other than Him for approval.  There is great freedom in that.  By operating in God’s freedom I ensure that my message is not tainted.  The words that I share flow purely from my heart, where the Holy Spirit resides.  And the more that I empower the Holy Spirit’s voice to be magnified through me, the more that I continue to witness God rewarding my obedience.  As I step forward in faith, trusting His Will, my impact for His Kingdom grows.  When you move without any hesitation or restraint in the direction that God calls, you set your faith on fire.  And faith on fire cannot be denied.  If you are yearning for The Truth in your life and you’d like to embody that fire in the Spirit for the Glory of His Mighty Name, give this message a listen.