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Delivering Dunamis

Jul 8, 2021

The forecast shows a chance of storms...

Such is life.

There will always be a risk of adverse conditions.

You cannot sit and wait for a string of sunny days or for all the stars to align before you take a step forward...

Your life will waste away in the hesitation.

It's impossible for the human mind to perceive what...

Jul 6, 2021

The world is continuously pushing us to do more and be more.

We can easily get consumed by the busyness.

And we can become very rigid in allegiance to our routines if we're not careful.

The reason that this is a concern is because often our daily commitments lack flexibility for God's spontaneity.

The Holy Spirit may be...

Jul 1, 2021

"Words do matter."

This was a text that I received from my father a few weeks before his passing.

It arrived on day 8 of his initial 10.5 day stay in the hospital at the front end of March.

My dad was struggling with COVID related pneumonia, but the Holy Spirit was beginning to act in an extremely powerful way in his...

Jun 29, 2021

There will always be critics.

That's just a part of life.

And sometimes criticism isn't very constructive in nature.

It can be downright mean spirited at times.

That type of criticism can leave an awful sting, particularly when it originates in people whom we perceive to be in our corner.

Criticism, whether silent or in...

May 27, 2021

I didn't get here without help...

God has provided me the support to advance my mission at every stage.

Brothers and sisters from around the world have shown up in my life at the very precise moments when I've needed them most...

And perhaps, when they've needed me as well.

It's remarkable how the Holy Spirit draws...